Skott has given us pretty much everything we could have asked for. Each of her releases is better than the last, and the artwork she creates should be framed and displayed on every wall. The only thing we didn’t have from the Scandinavian icon was a music video, but today Skott delivered on that as well with the release of the visuals for her latest single, “Glitter & Gloss.”

The video takes place in the frozen, snow-covered countryside as Skott sings in what appears to be a very old mansion. As the song progresses, we follow a group of children on snowmobiles as they cross this harsh landscape. It quickly becomes apparent that the children are looking for something in particular by the way they keep consulting a map, and they eventually reach the mansion that Skott resides in. Watch the journey unfold for yourself:

In case you missed it the first time around, you can grab “Glitter & Gloss” for yourself right here. We can’t recommend it enough.