Some people find it very difficult to put themselves first, and while selflessness is a laudable, noble trait, too much of it can really weigh on one’s own psyche and mental health over time. Introspection is underrated; it’s important to take a step back occasionally, assess your circumstances, and consider what’s best for your own heart, mind, and soul. This is a cycle that Barely Civil‘s Connor Erickson knows well and it serves as the theme found within the lyrics of the song for the band’s newest music video.

“‘Stretch Me Out’ is really a self-reflection piece,” Erickson says. “I tend to allow the people I care deeply about to come first in everything and I often find myself putting my happiness and emotional health to the side in order to benefit theirs. ‘You stretch me out’ is my way of saying that I feel pulled in so many directions and I’ve reached my limit of elasticity. However, this piece is not a call to end the struggle, but rather a simple recognition that it’s a part of who I am.”

You can watch the Wisconsin quartet’s video for “Stretch Me Out” below. Get back to us in the comments with your thoughts.

“Stretch Me Out” is taken from Barely Civil’s late 2016 EP, Year Of The Dog, which is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

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3/9 — Wisco! The Music Fest — Oshkosh, WI