Buzzworthy Bass artist DEMUR makes a triumphant return with the brand-new single, “Fight No Longer.” Following a brief hiatus to launch other musical entities like a podcast, he returns with a vengeance, ready to take the top spot in this serious new effort.

DEMUR gets it out of the mud in the new release. Gritty, aggressive, explosive, “Fight No Longer” embraces opposing views and edgy satire, seemingly sharing just as much attention-grabbing content. And with rough and rugged vocals, DEMUR’s return is nothing short of magnificent as he prepares to be one of the year’s best breakthrough artists.

“Life is a never-ending struggle, I wanted to reflect on that concept in the form of a song,” says DEMUR about new single’s concept. “Music that would motivate people on the long road when things get rough, an anthem for the relentless pursuit.”

“Fight No Longer” is a great start for newfound fans and great way for fans to transition into DEMUR’s new podcast called “The DEMUR Podcast.” The returning act is slated to release more new music which leads up to his returning project, arriving late-2020. For more on DEMUR upcoming release, follow him today on Instagram.

Take a listen to DEMUR’s “Fight No Longer” now on Spotify.