Nick Neutronz is a charismatic new act with a head-bobbing sound and an all-star catalog of collaborations with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Styles P. Taking fans to the dance floor for an intergalactic voyage, Nick brings his signature Hip-Hop/Dance fusion to the masses with his latest single, titled, “Heartless (Where Has Our Love Gone).” Ahead of his anticipated new project, set to arrive late-2020, Nick Neutronz treats the world to an appetizing futuristic sound.

In the new track, Neutronz channels his anger into the music, facing the aftermath of a break-up. Addicted to love, consumed by misery, Nick must now unleash the rage once and for all which creates one of his best pieces of work yet.

Neutronz on making “Heartless”:

“Heartless is a violent outburst, a temper tantrum of someone who needs love but is twisted inside; too angered to open themselves to the love they desire. I used to have this tape playing in my head.

It would say, ‘Nobody Cares About You.’ ‘You’re a Failure’ ‘No One Loves You.’ These evil mantras come back every now and again, particularly when I disappoint loved ones. I’m really scared of disappointing people I love but no one is perfect. Sometimes feeling unloved can feel like even your God doesn’t love you, that you are forsaken.

But the world is a wound, and we are meant to carry these pains with grace, faith, courage… I believe. This tune is an outlet that hopefully allows for that as well.”

“Heartless” follows previous releases “Seven Wands” and “Nine Swords.” All laying the foundation for a breakout 2020 by the new sensation. To stay up-to-date on everything Nick Neutronz, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Take a listen to “Heartless (Where Has Our Love Gone)” now.