Rising star Hannah Grae has just announced that she will be releasing her upcoming second mini album, Nothing Lasts Forever, on March 15th. To go alongside the album’s announcement, she has also released a new single, “Better Now You’re Gone.”

The fiery, guitar-fuelled song, co-written and produced by Rob Brinkmann, is sung from Grae’s perspective as she navigates how she’s really feeling following her first serious breakup.

Commenting on the new track, Grae says, “Better Now You’re Gone’ is about that stage of a breakup where you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re better off without them. The song starts in an extremely convincing way and it’s almost as if I truly believe that I’m better off. But as the song unravels, it becomes a bit clearer that maybe that’s not the case at all. It’s such a fun song and it’s one of my favourites that I’ve ever written. It’s full of denial and regret; my perfect idea of a breakup anthem. It feels so authentic to me and my chaotic mind and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Listen to the new song below.

The Port Talbot, Wales born musician has also shared the video for “Better Now You’re Gone”, which can be viewed above. Directed by Lola Webster, the video depicts the reality of adulthood while on a night out in comparison to Hannah’s high expectations.

Nothing Lasts Forever, Grae’s second body of work, is set to be released on 15th March. The highly anticipated mini album shows the self-taught musician at her best, following up from her remarkable debut mini album, Hell Is A Teenage Girl, released in 2023. Complete with nine tracks, Nothing Lasts Forever will include previously released tracks “Screw Loose”, “Who Dunnit?”, and “It Could’ve Been You”. The latter has since become her most streamed track to date following a viral TikTok moment.

Talking about the upcoming release, Grae says, “Nothing Lasts Forever is a body of work about my first year living away from home. I was nineteen/twenty and completely in the deep end. My life did a full 180 in the ways I had always dreamed. But I was so unhappy. I threw every single part of myself into this project, almost unhealthily. It was a huge distraction for me and I couldn’t be prouder of the outcome that came from a true breakdown. The project is such a rollercoaster. It ranges from sassy and carefree songs about my first ever big breakup, to heartbreaking ballads about living my dream that suddenly felt like a nightmare. There are songs about naivety, grief, guilt, temptation, and a pretty dramatic murder mystery… There is no stone unturned on this project. I couldn’t have put more of myself into it and it feels like an extension of me. It’s an ode to the fever dream that was 2022, and although nothing lasts forever, my love for this body of work just might.”


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  1. The Overture
  2. Typical (The Buttercup Song)
  3. Better Now You’re Gone
  4. Need Me Now
  5. It Could’ve Been You
  6. Screw Loose
  7. Number 4
  8. Who Dunnit?
  9. When I Had Hope, I Had It All