Before the quarantine, I had the chance to grab coffee with Addison Scott and RAE, the power couple known as Los Angeles’ Rosecoloredworld. We ranked our top ten two-pieces and caffeinated the fuck up:

S: I am not dynamite that I have to inform you two about this wonderful band.
A: Keep it simple, would you Scott?
R: Hey Girl.
9. Daft Punk
A: Speaking of girls, I saw the real Daft Punk at Halsey’s Halloween party.
R: I’d love for you to experience that one more time.
S: You’d definitely get lucky. (pauses) Get it? Like get lucky? Like the song? It’s called “Get Lucky”. (crickets)
8. The Black Keys
R: Stop stop.
A: I’ll go go: Justin Bieber – If you know, you know.
S: El Camino.
7. The Carpenters
R: “We’ve Only Just Begun” was once on a show.
S: I’d like to take a sleigh ride away from this rhyme.
A: Fine! Goodbye to love.
6. Outkast
S: Hello to heartbreak. Ain’t no thang.
A: I’m sorry, Mr. Waldman.
R: Woo!
5. Sonny & Cher
A: I’ve got YOU.
R: Babe.
S: Great movie.
4. Twenty-One Pilots
A: I’m one of the only people that I know that loved “Suicide Squad.”
S: Heathen.
R: Religion stresses me out, fam.
3. Oh Wonder
S: I guess that’s the way life goes (featuring Oh Wonder), Rae Rae.
R: I wish I never met you, Scott Scott.
A: Don’t be mean to my friends, Rae Rae.
2. The White Stripes
S: I can tell that we are going to be friends.
R: Your sibling is usually your first friend.
A: And that’s why I fell in love with you, girl. By the way, they ain’t related.
1. Simon & Garfunkel 
S: Mr. Scott (and that is not me), you’re breaking my heart. You’re shaking my confidence daily.
A: K.
R: Y’all are weird. I hear voices of old people.