New Yella Beezy artist, Jose Bodega, is up to “get rich quick” schemes in the release of the new visual to “Tool On Ya” single off the Mr. Bodega project.

In the Jeff Adair-directed video, Jose Bodega takes advantage of Yella Beezy and his amazing Lambo which needs a new rim. While the two stars rap about the Texas hustle, Bodega is making plays throughout the streets. Yella Beezy delivers his arguably best verse since his hit, “That’s On Me.” Jose Bodega is a raw element, as he shows the world why he is up next with his rhythmic bars, cartiers, and foreign cars. Produced by Blame It On Monstah, the booming beat helps showcase the Dallas based rapper’s storytelling abilities like never before. Some notable lyrics from this record include: “ I could sell the same Apple back to Adam and Eve…”

And with his southern, trap-style flow and 808 heavy beats he is shifting into position to create a tidal wave of fans. Stepping outside of the box with his “groovy, trap-rap,” offering listeners his own personal style of rap that is both catchy and hustle encouraging.

Jose Bodega was originally introduced to the world on 2020’s Yella Beezy and Trapboy Freddy joint-album, My Brother’s Keeper. Bodega dropped his first single, “Harder Than Yours,” in 2020. Mr. Bodega includes street hits “Back To The Bricks,” “Ain’t Adding Up” and “Trap Back.”

“Tool On Ya” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. In 2021, Bodega promises to return with his next album, currently untitled, arriving late-2021 on PMG. Yella Beezy appears on “Tool On Ya” courtesy Hitco Records.

Watch the new visual for “Tool On Ya” below and stream the complete album here.