Karma Kids was formed in 2019 by Jon Benjamin and Zaac Wesco. They ran with the dubbed sub-genre “emocore” debuting with a double album, “Dystopian Dream” in early 2020, which featured driving early 2000’s emo instrumentals with screaming vocals. The band started gaining traction notably from the single “Matrix” which featured Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick. Throughout 2020, they recruited Vito Hicks, Brandon Sloan, and Topher Kirnec to complete the five piece. In late 2020, the band ditched the screaming vocals and put out an EP titled “Chemical Drugs”. Shortly after the release, the band announced a partnership with Legend Recordings/InGrooves Music Group to handle distribution. Once again, they move to another corner of the emocore horizon with “vibes.” by adding in elements of emo rap into the songs. “vibes.” is due out April 30 via Legend Recordings.

“Nothing Left to Lose” is a high energy anthem about succeeding over those who want to watch you fail.” – Jon Benjamin, vocals

“vibes.” Out 4/30 Presave here

  1. vibes.
  2. Nightmare (feat. Kellin Quinn)
  3. Vice (feat. Alexandria Edington)
  4. Burn Rinse Repeat
  5. Victims
  6. Fading
  7. Nothing Left to Lose
  8. Save Myself
  9. Running Thin
  10. Lost in the Headlight
  11. Okay Again
  12. The Moon Looks Different in Texas

“vibes. is a giant evolutionary jump in Karma Kids’ sound. You’ll get big powerful anthems, ballads, and some more modern pop sounds all still driving home to our emo roots. We called it “vibes.” because depending on the mood your in, each song will hit differently.” – Karma Kids

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