You don’t have to live your whole life trying to please others. That notion is drilled into us by working in retail and a variety of media, but it’s just not true. You should absolutely be polite to people and treat everyone with respect, but it’s fine to prioritize yourself when you need to. In fact, it’s a major part of maintaining a healthy outlook and taking care of yourself. Learning and practicing it can be tough at first, as Juliette Goglia can attest. Goglia (who you’ve seen on screen as an actress in a variety of roles ranging from Easy A to CSI) recently learned this herself, and she’s sharing her growth on new single “Sweet.” Substream is excited to premiere the new track here this afternoon.

The learning process is immediately evident on “Sweet.” “I’m not sweet, is that what you want me to be?” is the first line Goglia sings over a soft pop intro. The rest of the track finds her navigating this newfound discovery with palpable thrill. She first expresses shock at her new outlook as the music picks up and the percussion kicks in, and the emotional journey she takes on the track is conveyed in a way that makes perfect sense. The subtle changes in the percussion and the guitars is clever, shifting the mood from exploratory to triumphant. There’s an intricacy and honesty to “Sweet” that makes Goglia stand out and shine.

Goglia described the circumstances that led to “Sweet” to us, saying

“When I was writing ‘Sweet’ I was freshly out of an intense, long-term relationship and I was set up with a guy who our mutual friends constantly described as ‘so sweet.’ I started to realize that none of my friends would use ‘sweet’ as the first word to describe me— and that’s okay. This song is me working through a headspace of not being ready to offer someone any emotional vulnerability, feeling guilty for leading them on, and trying to navigate how to move forward and figure out what I want.”

You can listen to “Sweet” below. Follow Juliette Goglia on Twitter and Instagram.