Shalom. We’re at week 3 of 3 with JJR. Week one was all about TGUK. Week two was all about TMMB. Week 3 is about the good kind of STD: SAVES THE DAY. We each said three words about each release because we’re clever:

9. 9 (2018)
JJR: Saves The Day.
SW: Nine is new.
8. Can’t Slow Down (1998)
JJR: Deciding to tour.
SW: Sometimes, New Jersey.
7. Sound The Alarm (2006)
JJR: Hell is here.
SW: Angry and punchy.
6. Under The Boards (2007)
JJR: Get fucked up.
SW: Get fucked up.
5. In Reverie (2003)
JJR: What went RIGHT.
SW: The Beatles record.
4. Saves The Day (2013)
JJR: Remember. Supernova. Verona.
SW: Genius pop rock.
3. Daybreak (2011)
JJR: Deranged and desperate.
SW: Underrated STD album.
2. Through Being Cool (1999)
JJR: All-star album.
SW: Forever so cool.
1. Stay What You Are (2001)
JJR: Stay What You…
SW: Are wins this.
Make your own playlist and stay what you are.