Notoriety can take you all over the world, literally.

Popular beauty lifestyle influencer Iulia Valentina drops her first fashion brand, covering a prominent 18-30 age group and custom creative styles that have inspired her – from an everyday appeal to a fancy silhouette.

Powering the brand is Iulia’s 1.3 million followers. Building consumers through support. She shares, “I just love to share insightful things with my supporters and stay connected with them.”

To accompany the wardrobe, Iulia Valentina creates a signature beauty line called IVO Cosmetics. Ivo Cosmetics is a unique high-end designer brand that specializes in long-lasting innovative eyelashes for every eye shape and size. IVO features celebrity lashes worn by Laila Tahri, Marylia Scott and Trevor Barret. Valentina’s line and look can be seen worldwide as she explores the most exotic resorts in the world.

Take a look at several of Iulia Valentina’s products below.

Although she is running two businesses, she still manages to keep up with her personal life and endeavors. Iulia also does brand endorsements and paid collabs. There are many other popular influencers that earn a living with their social media platforms. Iulia says that she doesn’t do it for the money.

Socially, for everything Iulia Valentina, follow her journey on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Purchase official Glitz Fashion and IVO Cosmetics today on the official website. Items ranging from $30-50 with a 50% Cyber special currently underway.

For further introduction, take a look at Iulia Valentina overlooking an impeccable view on one of her amazing journies below.