Not everything about a situation is evident right away. Sometimes we get a seemingly great opportunity or experience, but once we’re actually in the middle of it things turn sour. It’s a disappointing situation to be in, especially when it comes to a relationship. You think you’re perfect together, but then the bad habits and tendencies come out on both sides and the whole thing crumbles. It’s no fun, and musical trio Kerchief know this. It’s the subject of their new song and music video “Evil Parts,” and we’ve got the premiere right now.

The song is called “Evil Parts,” so the music is suitably sinister and eerie. Frontwoman Brittany Hill plucks a guitar line that lingers just enough to crawl under your skin, and the drums keep the track going at a brisk pace. When the band decides to go big with the sound, the resulting chorus is strong and forceful, conveying the anguish that comes with the discovery of those “evil parts.” The music video is pretty spooky as well. Kerchief perform in a darkened room with projections flitting across the back wall to create an intense atmosphere. It gets even creepier when the band’s faces are projected onto their own heads in unnatural ways, making sure viewers will have some pleasant dreams tonight.

“Evil Parts” came from some troubled history for Kerchief. Hill said “‘Evil Parts’ is about those toxic relationships where we scare ourselves sometimes moving in and out of the love/hate dynamic. Sometimes the person you’re involved with romantically brings out the evil parts in you, and also shows the evil parts of themselves, but you’re still addicted to them and maybe even to their bad side.”

Watch the video for “Evil Parts” below. The track is taken from Kerchief’s upcoming album Fluke due out on March 1.