The Bay Area golden boy is back, and he’s more confident than ever before.

G-Eazy has a lot of reasons to brag these days. Having built his career from the ground up with a unique brand entirely his own, the San Francisco native has taken himself from the alternative underground to the top of the Billboard charts with his closest friends by his side. Every goal he described on his earliest recordings have come full circle, and now he’s faced with the need to release a third album. Fortunately, he’s more than up to the challenge.

The Beautiful And Damned will arrive in stores December 15 alongside a short film with the same title. “The Plan” is the album’s lead single, and this week G-Eazy shared the song’s official video featuring stunning black and white visuals. The track reveals an energetic G performing in the desert, as well as at a rowdy party, as he details his journey to the top. Some might seem surprised by all that has come his way, but to hear G tell it this was his vision all along. You can view the video above.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of “The Plan” is the flow. Longtime G-Eazy fans know the rapper has always leaned toward a very smooth, if not outright slow pace on his biggest songs. 2017 has been different though, as G has delivered some of his wildest bars to date. The energy so often found at his live shows has finally begun to show itself on his recorded material, and so far that seems to be a smart decision.

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