Movies were the big story this weekend. Last night the Oscars were held, and what a show! To be fair, this is being written before the Oscars, so I have no idea what I have opinions about yet. I’m sure I have strong opinions, though. I bet you have strong opinions about it, too. You know who else have strong opinions about movies and write about them in an incredibly intelligent and enjoyable manner? Our wonderful film team here at Substream. When you’re down listening to the five tracks below this week, go give a review or two by Kt Schaefer and Sam Cohen a read. You will not be disappointed.

Camp Cope – The Face Of God

Wow. I’ll have a full review of Camp Cope’s new album How To Socialise & Make New Friends a little later in the week, but I can tell you now it is a masterpiece. Of all the powerful tracks on the album, “The Face Of God” might be the most powerful. It’s an honest, personal, unflinching take on so many institutional problems in the music industry, from abusers who don’t care about enthusiastic consent, blaming and gaslighting of victims, and fans who will defend these abusers to the death because they made some good music. The message is wrapped in a pop punk package that sounds good, too. I think every song I pick for Take 5 is good. Less of them are Important, with a capital “I.” “The Face of God” is both one of the best and the most Important songs to grace this list.

Andrew W.K. – Keep On Going

Some days are a drag. Mondays especially can be a drag. One of the best parts about music is how it can pick you up and motivate you when you need a boost. Who better to deliver that lift this week than the master of both partying and positivity, Andrew W.K.? His new album You’re Not Alone, is a wonderfully positive experience throughout. “Keep On Going” is one of it’s highlights, a stirring rock track that will serve as your personal motivator. Andrew W.K. encourages listeners to remember all the good things in life and the challenges they’ve already overcome, and in the process delivers a ray of positivity into a world that sorely needs more of it.

CHVRCHES, Matt Berninger – My Enemy

A CHVRCHES/The National mashup is something that sounds like it would come out of a fever dream I might have. “My Enemy” is not exactly that, but it’s close enough. “My Enemy” is undoubtedly a CHVRCHES song, with a electro-pop sound that’s tinged by darkness like previous single “Get Out.” Matt Berninger on the verses and Lauren Mayberry on the chorus are both fantastic, and both bring gravitas to the bitterness of the song. I’m also fairly certain I’m the only one who has ever thought about these two harmonizing, but their voices work well together so I am vindicated.

nothing, nowhere. – hammer

All of “hammer” is great. The droning guitar, nothing, nowhere‘s flow, and the boastful hype found in the track. I want to go line by line through the chorus, though. “Play the guitar like a young Santana:” Santana is amazing, so this boast definitely makes sense. “Reppin’ VT like my name Bernie Sanders:” this is both clever and topical, two of my favorite qualities. “Livin’ two lives like my name Danny Phantom:” Danny Phantom is one of the best cartoons of all time, so of course I love this. “All my shit bang like a motherfuckin hammer:” a cool thing to say, and a title drop. Put it all together and it’s one of my favorite recent choruses.

Yarley G, IMAN – Forget You

We premiered this new track from Brooklyn’s Yarley G and Great Britan’s IMAN last week. IMAN’s voice is lovely, and her crooning on “Forget You” is tender and affecting. Meanwhile, Yarley G shows why he’s a producer you need to get familiar with on the instrumental. From the drums that add a little meat to the track, the synths, and the bass, there’s a lot going on with “Forget You,” and Yarley G ensures that not a single element is out of place.


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