Yarley Geffrard (professionally known as Yarley G), wants to bring some much needed positivity into music. As a migrant from Haiti, Yarley has found a sincere passion and love in the arts. The Brooklyn, New York producer/instrumentalist/computer scientist combines hip-hop, EDM, and R&B to present a hypnotic blend of serenity. Enrolling in the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, he graduated with a GPA of 4.0, along with a First Place Award for Best Mix and Masters. He even received a BA in Computer Science with User Experience and Interface Design from Hunter College. His compositions have appeared on MTV, among other various other television networks.

The artist also founded his own platform known as Yarley G Music, featuring a team of artists and songwriters. Now in 2018, he is proud to share the first single off his upcoming collaborative record, Vivid Echoes (releasing March 23).

The track, “Forget You,” presents a somber, yet vibrant experience in moving beyond heartache. The steady pounce of bass gives way to a hypnotic rhythm, flowing smoothly through the mix. It also features British vocalist IMAN, her singing adding an extra element of charm.

When asked why he chose “Forget You” as the first single Yarley stated, “I selected ‘Forget You’ as the lead single, based on the feedback I got from my circle, my Instagram, and Facebook, as well as IMAN being from the UK [laughs]. I always loved a little British accent in songs. [Other than] licensing music outside the United States, I’ve never worked a single focusing on a demographic outside their barriers. I want my music to always be worldly and not be limited, and this gave me a start.”

He goes on to describe how the track became what it is today. “‘Forget You’ originally started without anything [other than] a piano sample, which I recorded from a video with my iPhone from a friend’s house. She had the [grand piano] looking all sexy in her living room, so you know a music head like me can’t help it but get pulled into it. I posted the video on Instagram and got some pretty good feedback on it. Based on the feedback, I made the track longer and arranged it [into] a full song. The sounds I went for [were] very space-y, thinking about the stars and just going away in my spaceship to escape. I wanted [the bass] to be different, so I found a very weird sound and took the high ends off to not make it irritating. [Then I] boosted the lows a bit, and it gave me the hook I needed for the track.”

Yarley states that “working with IMAN was real organic and professional, she’s an artist that’s precise on what she wants. When she wrote the song at first, the track didn’t have any drums, and she said, ‘I want a little edge and ummpphh.’ So in my head I’m like, ‘We gotta make this bump.’ I added the kicks, snares, 808s and High Hats with a trap-y vibe, and [that] did it for her. On day two, we got together [and] did more arrangements on her vocals [for] the track, did bass drops, breaks and all.”

Vivid Echoes features other guests, including: D’Wayne Reade, Angel Demone, Skyzoo, LJ, Adrianna and more. Yarley aims to blend music, technology and science together to create a captivating experience.  “I make it all a puzzle, one put together a single piece at a time,” he explains. His mantra is: Divide and conquer to create something no one else has.

You can pre-order a copy via Bandcamp or pre-order it on iTunes, and check out the lyric video for “Forget You” below.