Over the weekend we told Lizzo was onto something big with “Truth Hurts,” the latest in a string of powerful singles from the fast-rising pop star. Collectively, our staff has already played the song more than 100 times since its release in the middle of last week, and now that an official video has arrived we’ll no doubt listen one-hundred more times before the week is out.

In the clip, which premiered on Vogue, Lizzo crashes her own wedding. She’s aided in this effort by a group of close friends, the world’s most famous meme maker, and a lace bodysuit that the vocalist rocks as if it were made specifically for her to wear while slaying the opposite sex. It’s a fun an exciting clip that helps to emphasize the song’s message about needing no one other than yourself in the pursuit of happiness. You can view the video above.

Those needing even more Lizzo in their lives, which as far as we’re concerned should be every human walking the planet, would be wise to stream her Coconut Oil EP while awaiting the inevitable release of her debut album. You should also follow Substream on Twitter to ensure you never miss another Lizzo headline.