Oh where, oh where, oh where have I been? Right here in Los Angeles, baby – keeping plenty busy covering shows (like Tessa Violet, Yoke Lore, and Maisie Peters), hanging out with my dog, and going for walks around my neighborhood. The best part of going for walks, in my opinion, is picking out a fire playlist to listen to. Honestly, nothing makes me feel more like the main character than putting on my big noise-cancelling headphones and rocking out to my favorite music.

Anddd… that leads me right in to today’s edition of ON REPEAT…

blink-182 – “DANCE WITH ME”

I’ll be honest: I have not been a fan of the past few blink-182 albums. I love Matt Skiba – but the chemistry between Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus is unmatched. So yeah, I kinda maybe cried a tiny bit (a lot) when I heard “ONE MORE TIME” a few weeks ago – and for the first time since Dogs Eating Dogs in 2012, I’m counting down the seconds till the new blink-182 album drops (ONE MORE TIME is out this Friday, October 20 – in case you weren’t aware). I’m just glad mom and dad are together again, ok? “DANCE WITH ME” is a faster song that’ll inspire you to let loose and have fun. In typical blink style, the video – which sees them pay tribute to the Ramones – is full of hilarious moments. Catch ’em on their world tour.

Oliver Tree – “With You”

When I first saw Oliver Tree’s videos pop up on YouTube a few years back, I was perplexed – who exactly is this, and what is he doing? Now, though, I’m hooked and want to know his every move. Coming from his new album ALONE IN A CROWD (btw, isn’t that title alone relatable as hell?), “With You” is the third in a series that sees Oliver Tree playing the character of Cornelius Cummings, a fashion designer from London. Is this a real-life documentary? A metaphor with some underlying theme? Or pure fiction with no deeper message? Honestly I’m not sure, but I am sure that I’ve never been so tempted to get a bowl cut with bangs and dye my hair black (if Cornelius Cummings is rocking it, it’s gotta be chic as hell). Oliver Tree is on tour through Australia and Europe this fall, and will be hitting North America in early 2024.

A R I Z O N A – “Sorry Now”

What’s that – another banger from A R I Z O N A? I am thriving lately, and when you listen to “Sorry Now”, you will be too. The electro-pop trio say about the song, “‘Sorry Now’ is a shameless place we’ve probably all been before, when we don’t want to see people get hurt but can’t help finding the irony in watching it happen to those who have hurt us. I’m not sure there’s any real satisfaction in moments like those, but it’s an interesting thing to bear witness to and makes us wish we weren’t pulled down the paths that we were sometimes.” Listen to frontman Zachary Charles’ smooth-as-silk vocals, and revel in the harmonies in the chorus. A R I Z O N A’s headlining Live For A Night tour with Fly By Midnight is now underway; grab your tickets now before the shows sell out.

socialghosts – “silverlake”

You don’t need to live in Los Angeles to appreciate this one: if you aren’t familiar with Silver Lake, just know that (according to Google.com) it’s “an Eastside neighborhood that fully embraces the hipster lifestyle.” socialghosts are an up-and-coming alt-pop band from the LA area, and “silverlake” pays homage to an object of their affection, who’s so close yet always just out of reach. Describing the song, socialghosts says, “‘silverlake’ is a sophisticated pop song, smashing together dreamy/soft textures with a hard hitting chorus. Musically and lyrically the song will appeal to fans of The Band CAMINO, The Maine, and The 1975.” Stream “silverlake” here.

Brynn Cartelli – “Lucky To Love You”

If you’re as obsessed with the new season of Love Is Blind as I am, then this last one might already be familiar: it’s featured in Episode 9. And even if you haven’t watched Love Is Blind, Brynn Cartelli might already be a familiar name: she was crowned winner of The Voice in 2014, and has shared the stage with some major names: Kelly Clarkson, OneRepublic, Maroon 5, Adam Melchor, and Jake Scott. “Lucky To Love You” is Cartelli’s second release of the year; she says about the song, “It was the last song we finished for my upcoming project, so the creation feels so fresh in my mind. ‘Lucky to Love You’ is a love letter to the people who have stuck by me all this time with patience and passion for the music and the stories. I can’t wait to play this one live!” One thing’s for sure – this sentimental pop ballad will put a smile to your face and make you feel grateful the ones who make your life better and brighter. Brynn Cartelli is playing a series of headlining shows in New York and Los Angeles this fall; tickets are available here.