Sorry, boys: this one’s for the girls. Currently touring in support of her sophomore album The Good Witch (out now via Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records), Maisie Peters brought The Good Witch Tour with Grace Enger to the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 30. The Palladium, which had reopened a few weeks prior after being closed for renovations, was celebrating the girls that night.

Originally from Hoboken, NJ, Grace Enger released her debut EP Well Here We Are this summer. An hour after the doors had opened, she took to the stage – just her and her acoustic guitar. Though many in the crowd were unfamiliar with Engers’s music, her songs covered themes anyone can relate to – such as the trials and tribulations of dating a friend (“When It Was Over”), or supporting a friend through a breakup (“imytn”, short for “I Miss You Tonight”). The crowd did get a chance to sing along when Enger covered Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Another highlight of her set came with her closer, “The Neighborhood”, which she introduced by explaining that LA was her “home away from home”, and how great it felt “to play such a cool venue.”

Her microphone stand stacked with friendship bracelets, Maisie Peters entered the stage ready to entertain, going right in to “The Good Witch” and “Coming Of Age”. She’s a popstar with something for everyone, after all – as long as you’re ready to have a good time. “Body Better” and “Run” are just a few steps away from being country songs a la Shania Twain or The Chicks; “Watch” and “Not Another Rockstar” showed off her edgy rocker side.

Welcoming fans to the first official Good Witch North American Tour, Peters also took the time to play some older songs, like “Love Him I Don’t.” Midway through the set, she played a medley, sandwiching a cover of One Direction’s “Night Changes” between “Two Weeks Ago” and “You Signed Up For This”, the title track from her 2021 album.

Introducing “Wendy”, Peters explained that while some of her songs come from her own experiences, she “grew up writing songs of this fictional surreal world… I had one foot in the surreal world, one in the real world.” Later in the set, before “The Band And I”, she introduced her band members with ridiculous facts that were definitely true – like that her keyboardist, Tina, not only built the pyramids, she also invented penicillin. There were plenty of sentimental and relatable moments too – from the prom-dance-feels of “John Hughes Movie”, to Peters’ recollection of her first show in LA at The Troubadour, to her asking if anyone felt “a little unstable” (before “BSC [Bat Shit Crazy]”).

Coming on a perfect note to end the month of September was “There It Goes”, a highlight from The Good Witch about finding peace and moving on after a breakup. During that song, fans in the front row showed off tissue paper sunflowers with the note “I made it through September” attached to each one – making for a special moment of connection. “Cate’s Brother” – Maisie Peters’ own version of a “Stacy’s Mom” – went out to “all my delusional girls”, and everyone seemed to be singing along. Closing the night with an encore, Peters and Grace Enger returned to the stage for “History of Man”, before ending things off on a high note with her hit, “Lost The Breakup.”

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