It looks like emerging recording artist TMG Fresh is hitting the reset button on his career. The Bay Area-native re-introduces himself with a buzzing new single and video called “Anybody”. In the Chancellor Warhol-directed, TMG stars an angry lover in the middle of a lover’s quarrel with a beautiful muse. Taking out his anger on the verse, the rising star delivers a catchy new hit that will people him to the top of the charts in no time.

In front of a larger audience, TMG Fresh displays a more dramatic look than his well-known energetic rockstar attitude that has become the norm. Watch him show a new diversity in the video above. In a drunken-rage, Fresh raps, “I’m not just anybody… You done did me bad, but it’s ok, cause I’ll be fine.”

Best known for his breakout hit, “Lights Low”. “Anybody” has become a new hit for the thriving recording artist. The new song has helped TMG Fresh accumulated over 42,628 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Making “Anybody,” Fresh says, “‘Anybody’ is about level-setting – letting whoever, whenever, know that the same ‘ol won’t work with you. I’m not just anybody. I don’t know what or who you’re used to, but let’s be clear. I’m me – take it or leave it.”

“Anybody” is streaming now on all DSP via TMG Records. For what’s next with TMG Fresh, follow the West Coast rapper on Instagram and Twitter.