Kuwalla, red-hot new Alternative rock band, is one of the most talked-about new music in Los Angeles highly-influential music scene. The foursome of Kyle Sain (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Brian Huynh (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Marty Griffin (Drums), Danny Leserman (Bass & Keyboard) have arose to popularity with a magnetic blues and hard rock-infused sound and tongue-in-cheek image. Ready to excel to the next level, the band drops off their most exciting song yet in the new animated visual, titled, “Just Fine.”

The song’s animated visual presentation is a groovy trip through the synthesizers and colorful spectrum. Inspired by a difficult time in life, the new single poses the question, “I’m at the end of my rope, is it all in my head or am I better off dead?” Empathizing with the notion that life can sometimes feel like it’s personally picking on you, Kuwalla presents a song that encourages listeners to push forward even during the hardest times.

“Just Fine” was written by the band’s lead Kyle Sain. He credits the song’s concept to real-life experience of living homeless with his first child and girlfriend. “I wanted this song to be kind of anthemic. I want people to feel like this song is a hand on their back reassuring them through the hard times,” Kyle remembers.

Instrumentally, the band offers catchy guitar riffs and lighthearted vocal melodies that are perfect for the transition to our Summertime playlists. “Just Fine” is an Alex Seflinger animation. For more Kuwalla, follow the new band daily on Instagram.

Watch “Just Fine” now.