Life isn’t all forward progress. As much as we’d like to spend every second of every day improving, there are roadblocks and obstacles. Sometimes we inadvertently pick up old habits and attitudes again for a bit. It doesn’t mean we’ve failed in our growth, it’s just a natural part of the process. Edmonton band King of Foxes, led by frontwoman Olivia Street, has a term for that: “backsliding.” Street explores this phenomenon on the aptly titled new single “Backsliders,” which we have the premiere of this morning.

In this case, Street connects backsliding to a particular person. The lyrics involve her reminiscing with someone about their old lives and what they were like, which leads to going back to those old ways. There’s a warmth and connection in Street’s voice here, showing the listener how much those times meant to her, even if she’s (temporarily) moved on from them. The concept of backsliding also appears in the music. The verses are a dynamic, energetic experience with each instrument popping up in bursts to take the main stage. In the chorus, all of the music begins to blur together in a sort of “slide” as Street delivers the vocals much faster. Not only does it sound good, it’s a smart way to convey the theme of “Backsliders” without ever saying a word.

Street drew upon a lifetime of experience while writing “Backsliders.” She says “I wrote ‘Backsliders’ about what it’s like to grow up weird. Or at least, to be made to feel like you’re weird. I attended all sorts of churches when I was younger. Some, that my parents brought me to when they were trying to figure out their own philosophies, others that I investigated on my own when I was a bit older. There was one preacher who was always talking about backslidin’–a term for when you fall back into your old, ‘sinful’ ways! It stuck with me…I imagine the song to be about falling back into your old ‘sinful’ ways with someone who makes you feel like you belong.”

You can stream “Backsliders” from King of Foxes below. The band’s sophomore album Salt & Honey will arrive on February 8.