Sydney, Australia’s pop punk act Dear Seattle have released a new music video for their song “Daytime TV.” It is the latest single off of their upcoming album, Don’t Let Go.

The track itself highlights the struggle of finding someone you love, but being unsure of how to bring this up to them. You sort through your head if they care about you back in this manner, if it’s better off as friends, or if maybe they’re even just being polite. But ultimately, you have to make yourself vulnerable to see if it will turn into anything at all.

The music video, however, takes a different approach to the song. The video finds Dear Seattle exploring what exactly happened to beloved Australian characters Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Blinky Bill when they grew up.

Dear Seattle lead singer had this to say about the track, “Musically, I really love this song because it’s the first one where I have written the lyrics and vocal melody first before adding the instruments. I think that gives it such a different feel to most of our songs – it’s a bit faster and wordier, and I feel the lyrics are more subtle than usual. The whole thing is made to make you want to bop and shout as much as you want to sit still and focus on the nuances.”

The new album from Dear Seattle, Don’t Let Go, will be released on February 15th how Domestic La La. You can check out available pre-order options here.


dear seattle artwork


  1. When I’m Gone
  2. Maybe
  3. Daytime TV
  4. Bigger Than My Brain
  5. Homegrown
  6. You
  7. Try
  8. Let Me Bleed
  9. Broke and Hungry
  10. A Modest Mind
  11. I Keep Dreaming