Nostalgia is a hell of a drug, and I mean that in the most literal sense. Nostalgia has a way of alleviating whatever ails you better than alcohol or weed could ever hope to achieve by allowing you to revisit a time when life felt simple. Just like any other drug however, the sensations you feel while lost in nostalgia are not real. Nostalgia is an escape, and we overdose on it whenever we can because we fear we are not able to face reality. Up and coming rock band Filmspeed understand this pesky habit all too well, which is probably why they’ve created a song that speaks to finding peace in the moment rather than running from what is right in front you.

Today we are thrilled to share the world premiere of the song mentioned above. “I Feel Alright” is the perfect anthem for anyone who has ever embraced the fact there are things in life beyond their control. There is a freedom to accepting the ever-constant presence of chaos that can only be understood by those willing to take accept such things as truth, but Filmspeed has come as close to any artist in conveying such feelings with “I Feel Alright”. You can enjoy the song in full at the top of this post.

Speaking to Substream about the creation of “I Feel Alright,” Filmspeed vocalist Craig Broomba told us:

“For years now, I’ve maintained a few personal twists on a cliched statement. “When life hands you lemons, squirt the juice in the eyes of your enemies. If you find yourself without enemies… it’s Martini time.” Whether it’s fueled by powerful intoxication or pure spite of the universe, this song is about keeping it cool while it’s all burning down.”

If “I Feel Alright” leaves you wanting even more from Filmspeed then you’re in luck because the band’s new album, Hexadecimal, is scheduled to be released through Awfully Good Records on October 13. You can find more information on the album, as well as all of the band’s upcoming tour dates, on Filmspeed’s official Facebook page.