Humans long for all sorts of things. We long for new experiences, always chasing whatever is coming over the horizon. Some of us long for material possessions, trying to accumulate a collection of this or that. Often, we long for things, moments, and people we’ve already experienced but had to leave behind for one reason or another. That particular kind of longing can bury itself deep in your brain and heart, refusing to let go. That great sense of longing permeates “M.I.A.,” the new single from New Orleans band Motel Radio. The single–and its video–are taken from the group’s imminent new album Siesta Del Sol (out at the end of the week), and we have the premiere of the new tune right here.

“M.I.A.” feels like longing down to its core, beginning with the lonely guitar strings that stretch out to open the track. The drums are interesting here, as the beat is a steady rhythm that you might not expect from such a sorrowful track, but works to provide that longing with a sense of urgency. That urgency is compounded on the chorus, as the lyrics turn to an old flame, pressing them with questions about how they’re doing. It might be a fruitless gesture, but the intensity of the group’s vocals in this section mirror the drive that longing can light within us. The music slowly fades out at the end, finishing with those same lonely guitar strings in a truly moving moment.

The music video is equally affecting. Footage of the band is overlaid with travel footage, roads and tress passing by as the song progresses. The visuals themselves are neat to look at, the lights of the cars playing across the band’s faces. On a deeper level, these lonely roads really drive home the mood and feeling of “M.I.A.”

Motel Radio had a very specific feeling in mind for the track. Guitarist and vocalist Winston Triolo explains “Itʼs is a story about absence. For me, itʼs reminder to be a better companion. Shoutout to Brooke Albrecht, my love/muse, the reason for this song. Shoutout also to producer Eric Heigle (Wix Mix Studios) who made this track sound slightly hiphop in the best way.”

You can watch the video for new single “M.I.A.” below. Motel Radio’s new album Siesta Del Sol drops this Friday, July 12.