EDM/pop artist GHOS7  had quite a busy childhood, from performing in Broadway tours, appearing on kids’ television shows, and experimenting with making his own metal music. 

Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, attending auditions, and working at a production house, where he learned even more about sound. After becoming disenchanted with his acting venture his dad convinced him to move to Nashville, and shift his focus to his original love: music.

The trap-pop artist initially moved there for a recording job but was let go after his studio was bought out. From there, desperate for a steady source of income, GHOS7 began producing karaoke tracks, recreating some of the most popular songs. He was able to do such a pristine job due to the analytical skills he learned from his father.

Using these skills, he began producing his own music which included befriending and selling his beats to up and coming rappers in the area. Because he was able to learn about the production skills of making music, he figured he was able to learn about writing music and performing lyrics. Taking up songwriting and vocals more seriously, , he was given the name GHOS7 by Young Buck, whom he met through the local artists he was producing for.

Today, GHOS7 releases his latest single with an accompanying video, “Break Em Down.”

“Break Em Down is a fight song against all my self-doubt, fears, and limitations.  It’s my way of telling them they can’t control me anymore.  I’ve prevailed and destroyed all those demons, and now I’m on top and I can tell my story.”