The alt-pop band, Crimson Apple, is out with a new single “Break Your Heart Worse.” 

This release marks a new era for the band of sisters as they tell the story of a relationship gone wrong. “Break Your Heart Worse” follows the release of the bands’ 6 song EP “Somebody,” which was released in June of 2019. Since then, the band has refined their sound to more authentically reflect their identity as artists. 

The colorful music video brings out a description which I can only describe as the band from “Freaky Friday” starring in an eerie horror story. Going from scene-to-scene, focusing in on each sister has the suspense building for when the downfall kicks in- really piecing the story together and has you wanting to know more. 

“We’re extremely excited to release our new single, ‘Break Your Heart Worse’! We believe that this song is a very important step for the band, as it’s the first project that we’ve been able to solely produce. For this song, we wanted to portray our dark and twisted take on a love story about being in a relationship with someone who can’t get over their ex. We had a lot of fun creating this darker narrative, as well as pairing it with a music video that really amplified the ‘twisted love’ concept.”