Nashville-based Corrin Campbell is a gifted singer, bassist, and songwriter who has a knack for writing tracks that tug at your heartstrings. Her music gets to the heart of struggle, isolation, and empowerment — showing off her range of reliability.

Once called the “Singing Sergeant” by CNN, Campbell knows firsthand what it’s like to bridge the gap between diverse groups of people, as both a veteran of the independent music scene and veteran of the Armed Forces. A combat veteran of the 1st Cavalry Division of the U.S. Army, Campbell first came into the spotlight due to their unique recruiting initiative, in which she performed next to Toby Keith and Ted Nugent one day, followed by Black Veil Brides and A Day to Remember the next.

“Some conservative minded people dismissed me outright because of my look,” she recalls. “On the other side, progressives were upset to see someone from the military invited to Warped Tour.”

Now, Campbell is gearing up to work on her music career however she wants, and at her own pace. This is no more evident than with her upcoming release, Greatest Hits, which is a double-disc celebration of her past due out January 8th, 2021. The release contains ten songs that span the past ten years; Greatest Hits – Straight from the Cinema is the cinematic version, with the second disc containing invented remixes of the same 10 songs.

“The reason why I chose to release a ‘Greatest Hits’ before dropping a new album is because I really felt like my songs became a bastardized product of my partnership with the military,” she says. “They deserve better. They’re like my children, you know? I want them to have the opportunity to be heard, as they were overshadowed by things unrelated to the music before.”

Greatest Hits is part retrospection and part reinvention of the past, showing her masterfully skilled talent as a creative. The release is a great glimpse into Campbell and the diverse work she has given us so far. Substream is excited to be playing a small role in spreading the word of Greatest Hits, as we team up with her to be premiering both the cinematic and remix version of “Find Your Way.”

These sisters were an easy first pick for the first release – the remix is the closest ode to to having all the drums I love, and the orchestral version really unleashes a full soundtrack vibe,” Campbell tells Substream. “And it’s almost self-prophetic lyrically, considering it was written over 10 years ago: GIRL – push through the noise, find yourself and take control.

Listen to your exclusive premiere below, and pre-order Greatest Hits here.


Cinematic (Disc 1):
1. Our Time Now
2. Pieces
3. Find Your Way
4. Sunbeam
5. Ready, Set…
6. Time to Let Go
7. Remember Me
8. Heavy
9. What You Wanted
10. Not for Sale

Remix (Disc 2):
1. What You Wanted
2. Our Time Now
3. Pieces
4. Sunbeam
5. Not For Sale
6. Heavy
7. Remember Me
8. Time to Let Go
9. Ready, Set…
10. Find Your Way