There are few things better than a house party. The cozy atmosphere, tight friendships, and carefree vibe always make for a night with few expectations and a ton of fun. When you turn that house party into a house show, it gets even better. Take everything I just said and add live music. You can’t beat that. At the end of may, Canadian artist Amelie Patterson released the perfect party track in “The Patient Kind,” a groovy and thrilling track that shimmies and slides with an infinite supply of coolness. The party continues today with the release of Patterson’s music video for “The Patient Kind,” premiering on Substream.

Patterson’s house party has everything you might need to throw a good bash. The entire house has that nice haze that makes everything feel more compact, a variety of string lights, and Patterson herself performing in the living room. We see several different people hit it off as the song progresses, and that’s when the dancing starts. Throughout the video different groups of people give their own unique choreographed dance. It’s a delight seeing how each dance progresses and how the party unfolds, perfectly matching the fun and excitement of the track itself.

Those dances have a deeper meaning, as well. Patterson says:

“The idea for the video of ‘The Patient Kind’ to be shot at a house party with people dancing is to symbolize the social dance we do when we first meet someone special. I choose to follow 3 couples who meet at a house party, and each couple has their turn in the centre of the dance circle to boogie down. I was trying impart that feeling of being the only two people in the room, even at a busy party. I wanted the atmosphere to be fun and inclusive.”

Check out the video for Amelie Patterson’s “The Patient Kind” below.