Everyone has their own past. That’s pretty obvious, but it’s something we don’t always think about. Everyone has a set of circumstances and events that guided them to this very moment in time, creating the person they are now. Learning more about a person’s past can help us understand their present self better, and allows us to relate to those around us more. Kyd the Band understands this. His music explores the connections we have and what we fight for, including his newest single “Easy” with Elley Duhé. He explores it further in the music video for “Easy,” premiering on Substream this afternoon.

If you’re familiar with Kyd the Band’s previous work, you might recognize our main character from his “Human” video. We see him sharing fond moments with his dad fixing up a dirt bike. From the sparkle in his eye, you can tell these moments mean a lot to him. Cut forward a bit and we see him sitting down to dinner with his mother. Even without his father at the table, we can tell from the looks on their faces that something has gone wrong. Kyd the Band himself is present as a sort of narrator, and his performance is powerful. All the actors turn in great performances, for that matter. The “Easy” video is an honest, moving look at how the past shapes us and how we cope with grief.

Kyd the Band gave a lengthly statement explaining all the facets of the video. He says:

My director Patrick Tohill and I came up with the treatment for “Easy.” Patrick directs all my videos and is one of my favorite creative collaborators. Usually I’ll send him the music and give a couple general ideas or themes that I’m feeling, and then I let him build a couple storylines from which we dig in on one.

To understand the story of “Easy” I really have to talk about my last release “Human” first. That’s what this new season of videos starts with. In the video for “Human” we start the story off with two young boys who are best friends but end up having a falling out. We don’t show what caused the falling out exactly, but you know that it was serious because several years pass by before they ever see each other again. “Easy” is the second video in this collection and it’s actually a prequel to “Human.” You see the same young boy from “Human” and you see him at home with his parents. You start to see some of the things that begin to form and mold who he becomes.

I don’t want to dive into what these videos represent in my own life, but I just want to show how powerful those “marker” type life experiences are in shaping who we become. And if a viewer really dives into all my videos, the Easter eggs will start to show up, and that’s part of the fun of doing videos this way.

You can watch the video for “Easy” below.