It’s been almost a month since Skott released her first EP, Stay Off My Mind, and it’s just as fantastic today as it was on its release date. If you’re a fan and have been following Skott’s Instagram, you know that she’s been teasing something for the past few days. That something has turned out to be a music video for Stay Off My Mind‘s title track, which was released this morning.

As always, the artwork for “Stay Off My Mind” has given hints to the music video. Skott and her friend ride matching motorcycles in matching jackets, enjoying the open road. This is spliced with Skott performing the song in some sort of club show. I don’t want to give too much away, but since “Stay Off My Mind” is about missing someone, brace yourself for the video to have a tragic ending.

You can watch the music video for “Stay Off My Mind” above. As previously mentioned, Skott’s Stay Off My Mind EP is out now, and can be streamed or purchased here. In addition, you can read my review of the EP here, and check out my interview with Skott about her music, the EP, and more here.