The beginning of an artist’s career is thrilling for everyone involved. Obviously for the artist they get to share their work with the world for the first time. Fans get more music, which is always a good thing. No matter where you are in the process, it’s a ton of fun watching an artist come into their own. Since 2016, we’ve watched Scandinavian pop singer Skott slowly cement her place in the music world. A steady stream of singles over the last year and a half have led myself–and I’m sure many other fans–to believe that she is one of the best and brightest in pop. Last Friday, Skott released her very first EP, Stay Off My Mind, and it has reaffirmed those thoughts fans and myself have shared. With the excellent new project, Skott is one step closer to claiming her spot in the hearts of pop lovers everywhere.

The EP beings with its namesake and lead single, “Stay Off My Mind.” Like I briefly mentioned Friday, the juxtaposition of the sound and subject here is perfect. The piano chords, the echoing hints of drums, and of course the extra peppy beat are some of the happiest, warmest sounds Skott has produced. And while good memories do give us those nice, warm feelings, Skott captures how getting stuck remembering instead of living doesn’t do us any good at all.

“In The Mood” should be required listening to learn how to effectively build the transition from verse to chorus. In both the first and second verse, the music subtly begins to build its layers as the chorus approaches. Once Skott gets to the last line of each verse, the music swells, the harmonies emerge, and then the beat kicks in with the first line of the chorus. At this point if you’re anything like me you have chills. “In The Mood” is a liberating and euphoric track to match a liberating and euphoric Skott, and it’s brilliant.

Do you want pop ballads? The back half of Stay Off My Mind has pop ballads for you. “Russian Soul” is Skott at her most tender, a gentle comfort in her voice. The synths on the track are just enough to give a good body to the track without overpowering what ends up being the most delicate part of the EP. It’s love at its purest, with Skott singing of her and her partner “we become each other.” “Russian Soul” is the best love song of this young year and shows Skott’s versatility in writing.

If “Russian Soul,” is the tender parts of love, “This Vibe,” is the part characterized by deep infatuation. You can’t get a much more apt metaphor for that then comparing someone to the sun, after all. The clapping during the song is a nice touch, and the rest of the instrumental is a little looser than the rest of the EP. This gives Skott room to give the breathier, higher parts of her register some play to great effect.

Skott has proved time and time again that she can create a great song, and on Stay Off My Mind she strings together four of her best selections. From smart writing, great production, and powerful delivery, Stay Off My Mind shows all of Skott’s strengths. It would be wise to start paying attention to her now if you haven’t already.