The tail end of my adolescence saw my musical journey take an abrupt about-face. You couldn’t tell fifteen-year-old Joel that Myspace-core wasn’t the best genre of all time or that Fearless records weren’t absolutely killing the game. That shift was in no small part because of a band called The Wonder Years— and as the final seconds rolled of “Washington Square Park” rolled in, so began a love affair with pop-punk. I dove head-first into the genre and fell head-over-heels with countless bands. Today, I’m excited to share a new song from a young band called Right On, Kid!– a band that could easily have found a home in my daily rotation.

“Clarity” is the first song from the band’s forthcoming Forever Missing Out EP and feels like the perfect medley of all the band’s I loved in my freshmen year of college. Influence from bands like I Call Fives and Forever Came Calling are abundant, but there’s something about the way Right On, Kid! is able to channel them that makes it feel fresh. The track is the kind of scathing and disapproving track that feels primed-and-ready for packed and sweaty venues full of rowdy kids and crowd-surfing.

When asked about the track, Right On, Kid! said:  “With the release of Clarity we wanted the single from our EP to hit hard and display our growth as musicians. Clarity is all about learning from past mistakes and failures by realizing that the things you do and say to people can’t be taken back. The only way to better relationships with others is to be transparent and not let your ego take over how you truly feel about the people who mean the most in your life.”

Forever Missing Out is out February 16th. Pre-orders will be available here. You can hear “Clarity” above. The band will be opening for Fossil Youth tonight at the Moonlight Lounge. More info on that can be found below.