New year, right now is the perfect time for new acts to emerge and create a buzzing 2019. Introducing newly formed duo of experienced musicians Joshua Herzer and Brandon Davis, better known as Dayzer. Dayzer makes a first impression in the group’s debut single, “Song One”.

The debut single is a well-infused experimental hit, blending various genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, and Electronics. The duo’s chemistry comes from over a decade of experience in the music business, giving fans not only something innovative but a familiar appeal gravitates to naturally. Sensational, electrifying, and overall appealing, “Song One” is perfect for those looking for something new in today’s music.

Joshua Herzer on how the duo came together:

“Dayzer is a project that Brandon and I have been kicking around ideas for since 2011. We always bonded over our shared love of R&B and Pop but never had an outlet to experiment with it. “Song One” was the first track finished for the album, and I think it’s a solid representation of what we’re trying to accomplish. Lyrically, it’s about the face we put on, in public, on social media, and in relationships to mask what we’re really going through. It’s hard to feel alone in the world, and still be a smiling face in the crowd, but it’s something a lot of people I know, including myself, have to work through.”

Scheduled to feature the debut effort, Dayzer’s forthcoming debut is slated for potential late-2019 release. The debut project, currently untitled, will feature the duo’s custom sound of Dirty Pop and R&B. A must-hear for any fan eagerly searching for the next generation of hot music.

“Song One” is available now on Apple Music and Spotify. Stream the new single below, courtesy of YouTube.

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