Famous for a Day is an up-and-coming pop-punk band from Kansas City, Missouri that just formed in 2016. Originally crafted by vocalists Kevin Ploth and Nick Newcomer as an acoustic project, it has expanded into a full-band experience over the past year, due to the addition of guitarist Seth Roberts, drummer Curtis Leonard, and guitarist Zack Hanson. These additions have been welcome, as their collective musical experience has expanded the writing and live performances of Famous for a Day.

Famous for a Day has been gaining momentum in their hometown, having shared the stage with bands like Abandoned by Bears and other well-established air time — as well as finding air time on The Buzz, KISS FM, X105.1, and The Bridge.

Famous For a Day used their debut album, Epilogue — released back in 2017 — as an introduction to their brand of timeless pop-punk that, at times, falls more into the pop-rock category. Music genres aside, the band writes music filled with catch riffs and melodies, filled by heartfelt lyrics that make their music authentic and real.

With their new EP, Hourglass, set for release this Friday, November 16th, we are excited to be teaming up with Famous for a Day to the title-track from the release. The song is everything right with the band and then some, serving as a mid-tempo introduction if you’re unfamiliar. You can listen to “Hourglass” below, and get hooked in on the masterfully done trade-off vocals between Ploth and Newcomer overtop complimentary instrumentals.

“Hourglass is about finally ending a relationship that is stuck in a cycle of falling apart and coming back together. For one reason or another, things never quite work out, so at a certain point, someone has to be able to walk away for good. Instead of continuing to struggle in a relationship where neither person will be truly happy, sometimes the best thing for both of them is to sever their ties and move on,” the band explains regarding “Hourglass.”

Hourglass is set to be released this Friday, November 16th and can be pre-ordered here.

famous for a day hourglass

  1. A Better Ending
  2. Hesitate (feat. Kayla Bulin
  3. Free
  4. Hourglass