Earlier this summer, we named Martin Garrix‘s collaboration with Troye Sivan, “There For You”, as one of the songs set to rule pop music this summer. Now, the Dutch DJ is back with a new track and accompanying music video for “Pizza”, which you can watch above.

No, Martin Garrix isn’t turning pop-punk on us (at least not yet). Originally debuted as the closing track for his Tomorrowland performance, “Pizza” begins with an orchestral-sounding string section, but soon heads back into a booming house melody that fans will be familiar with.

The video follows Garrix on the road, from a private jet to a festival stage to selfies with screaming fans. And yes, there’s plenty of pizza, from the slices he scarfs down backsage to the socks he wears. It appears that “Garrixers” are well aware of the DJ’s love for the food, as they’re seen holding up signs with sayings like, “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart” and “I love you more than pizza.” The title may be cheesy, but there’s something heartwarming about seeing a performer grinning ear-to-ear when on stage in front of thousands, then jumping down to hug fans in the front row.

After recent collaborations like “There For You” and “Scared To Be Lonely” (Dua Lipa), “Pizza” comes as Garrix’s first solo track in quite some time, and it’s worth the wait. Martin Garrix will be performing several shows this fall, appearing everywhere from Ibiza to Jakarta to Las Vegas. Check out his Facebook page to see a full list of upcoming performances.