Every era has some great movies that have earned a place on the list of iconic titles. These movies are hard to miss in the era of streaming platforms as there are lots of them available. But if you’re dedicated to finding them you won’t be disappointed by them. In that regard, here are some movies you can’t miss out on:




This may be a film that hails from 1995, but it’s a damn good movie. It will give you a look at the casinos of Vegas back in the day and who really ran them in the past. Ace is an earner for the mob and since he’s good with money he’s sent to manage a casino. He’ll be doing pretty good, until he marries Ginger who turns out to be a problematic wife. And when his friend Nicky comes to town all hell will break loose.

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There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood follows a particularly interesting character during the South Carolina oil bloom of the early 20th century. Daniel Plainview is an aspiring oilman and he’ll do everything he can to be the best in the business. When his partner dies he adopts his son, but not out of the goodness of his heart. This is a dark movie because it shows you how deep people can really go to achieve what they want.

During the film, Plainview will clash with Eli, a priest that uses religion to get the upper hand. There are many twists and turns to this movie and you’ll need to watch it to find out more. Another thing this film offers is an amazing performance by Daniel-Day Lewis. It’s a haunting, but brilliant performance.




With Gladiator, we take a step back into history during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. His general Maximus is the closest thing he has to a son, although he has a son. As the war ends, the emperor’s son Commodus arrives on the battlefield and throws a banquet to celebrate the victory. But the emperor is at death’s door and he needs to name a successor and he chooses Maximus.

Commodus is not happy with this and takes matters into his own hands, he murders his father and sends soldiers to kill the general. Maximus escapes only to find his family murdered. Fate deals him a bad hand and he becomes a slave that fights in the arena. His exploits take him to Rome where he’ll face Commodus one last time. Russel Crowe shines as Maximus in this role and when you have a director like Ridley Scott behind the camera then you know what to expect. That’s why Gladiator is such a masterpiece.