In the year 2017, the world seems to have given up on pop-punk; bands that rebirthed the genre have either moved towards something that feels more adult or have dissolved completely. The only place this doesn’t seem to hold true is the United Kingdom, which is home to massive acts like Neck Deep and WSTR. Both bands have a brash and melodic brand of pop-punk that somehow manages to keep the genre alive. Today, we’re excited to share another of what is sure to be one of the UK’s biggest pop-punk bands, Safeguard.

This quintet is just about a year old but has a sound that feels like it’s been masterfully crafted. The chorus is huge and the music is cathartic, and that has always been a recipe for a record that kids are going to cling to. They’re gearing up to release a stellar new EP called I’m A Stranger To Myself that is packed to the brim with explosive and ear-wormy tracks that will bounce around your head for days. Today, we’re sharing the music video for a new song called “November” that perfectly sums up what Safeguard has managed to do with this record. The video is mostly performance with sprinkles of a story that meet perfectly in the middle.

When asked about the song, vocalist Declan Gough said: ”November is about social awkwardness: being dragged to a house party, feeling like you don’t fit in and just wanting to go home. Then as you make your way to leave, you spot a girl walking into the party that takes your breath away and you can’t keep your eyes off. It’s really like seeing someone you like but being too scared of rejection to do anything about it.

He continues with, “As for the video, it was our first one with an actual band performance and storyline, which allowed us to have more of a creative input. We decided to use the polaroid theme from the EP cover for the storyline imagery, and we had the brilliant Adam Webb direct it. This is personally my favourite song on the EP and I’m so happy to get it put it out along with the rest of the EP and hopefully people love it like we do!

The music video for “November” can be seen above. I’m A Stranger To Myself is out December 1st on Wilhelm Records. Pre-orders are available here.