New York City dance rocker Les Techno is here with a brand new single (via Solid Bass Records) that will have you doing exactly what it set out to: dancing and rocking.

Akin to the work of influences Talking Heads, the Psychedelic Furs, and even David Bowie, “Come Along” is a moody pop jam with an upbeat groove and loads of attitude. If you’re not wearing sunglasses when you listen and dance to “Come Along” (whether inside or out), you’re doing it wrong. It’s really a perfect tune for a choreographed dance in an ’80s John Hughes movie, but alas, you can just make up the scene in your head while you listen to the song on repeat.

Les Techno comes from a rock and jazz background but did studio work with hip-hop legends like Run-DMC and Mobb Deep. There are no boundaries and that seems to be a theme with Les, even with this new single. Listen to it below via Spotify and let us know which dance you came up with.