Beau Hirshfield started HiRSH as a solo project back in 2016 when his previous band, The New Peter Gabrielz, broke-up. After releasing some solo tracks and playing a handful of shows, Hirshfield met Moses Truzman (aka Audiomoe), in town and things began to click for the two pretty quickly. Following a few writing sessions together working on some songs for a moroccan pop artist that didn’t vibe very well, they came to the decision to write songs for themselves.

After gaining some steady traction in their Southern California music scene under the name HiRSH, they announced their debut EP, Going, a little over a month ago. In addition to the announcement, they released the first single off of the album, “Ready to Go.”

Now that fans have had some time to settle in with the previous single, we are proud to be exclusively premiering the next one from HirSH today: “Beating Heart.” The single opens with a soft acoustic guitar, before bringing in heavy electronics creating a sound that falls somewhere between AWOLNATION and Twenty One Pilots. The song soars in the chorus as Hirshfield sings about repetition and waiting around for someone: “I’ll wait as long as I have to // I won’t even ask you // I’ll stand by with this beating heart.” The bridge of the track is a great final break before one last chorus, as Hirshfield delivers a rapping performance that wouldn’t sound out of place on Twenty One Pilots’ Vessel.

Speaking on the song, Hirshfield explains that, As human beings, I believe we’re prone to make the same mistakes over and over again. Call it a pattern, a crutch or a habit. Call it whatever you like, I feel certain it’s relatable. For any human who feels stuck or has ever felt stuck. Pick yourself up and keep on. You got a beating heart.”

You can check out “Beating Heart” by HiRSH above, and can keep up the band on Twitter and Facebook for additional updates regarding their Going EP, which is due out on June 29th.