This October, brace yourself for the heart-pounding terror of the Hulu original movies “Appendage” and “The Mill,” each offering a unique and chilling experience. Additionally, you can delve into the new original series “Living for the Dead,” shedding light on some of the country’s most haunted locations. And for those seeking laughter, grab a cold Puppers and indulge in the laughs delivered by season 2 of the Letterkenny spinoff, “Shoresy.” Let’s explore together, is there anything good on Hulu right now?

What New Shows Are Coming to Hulu in October 2023?

#1 Appendage

Hulu’s eerie original series centers around Hannah (Hadley Robinson), an aspiring fashion designer. Despite the glitz and glamor, she battles her own insecurities. Soon, her inner demons take shape as the “Appendage” – an entity that feasts on her deepest fears, pushing her to madness. With each passing day, the Appendage drains her well-being while materializing her worst nightmares, making her confront them head-on. This isn’t about missing out on Taylor Swift tickets; it’s about surviving the terror that grows within.

#2 American Horror Story: Delicate

Back with another chilling tale, the anthology horror series American Horror Story: Delicate stars Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Emma Roberts. This Golden Globe and Emmy-winning show will release new episodes throughout October, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

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#3 Living for the Dead

This one’s perfect if you enjoy watching others get scared. Living for the Dead, created by Kristen Stewart, combines spine-chilling thrills with heartwarming moments. Follow a dynamic team of five queer ghost hunters as they explore the most haunted places in America, shedding light on the forgotten and misunderstood spirits that reside there. Beyond the eerie encounters, the show captures their mission to connect the living and the dead, healing souls and providing comfort. It even has its funny moments because, when dealing with death, a little laughter can go a long way.

#4 The Mill

Experience the captivating dystopian realm of Hulu’s sci-fi thriller, The Mill. Within this hyper-capitalistic depiction of the U.S., we encounter Joe (Lil Rel Howery), an ambitious executive at the colossal corporation named Mallard. Suddenly thrust into an open-air prison overshadowed by a forbidding, ancient grist mill, Joe scrambles to escape before the birth of his son. As he searches for an exit, he stumbles upon a multitude of revelations about Mallard and his perplexing circumstances. Dive into this gripping narrative that showcases the indomitable spirit of a father fighting against all odds.

#5 Shoresy

Shoresy, the spinoff of the beloved Canadian sitcom Letterkenny, invites you back to the ice. Join the no-holds-barred hockey player as he tackles the challenges that lie ahead. Jared Keeso portrays this gutsy member of the Bulldogs, Sudbury’s underdog hockey team. In season 1, Shoresy worked tirelessly to restore the team’s reputation, which reached a boiling point during a climactic showdown with the Soo Cyclones. Now, with the Bulldogs’ fate hanging in the balance after a high-stakes bet, season 2 promises to address burning questions. What lies ahead for our beloved team? Can Shoresy rally his teammates to overcome the obstacles they face? While we’re left in the dark, one thing is for certain – Shoresy will unleash a sensational barrage of expletives upon someone. Repeatedly.

#6 Goosebumps

The popular horror series, Goosebumps, has returned with a vengeance on Hulu. This reboot by R.L. Stine takes a new direction, no longer an anthology but a thrilling adventure involving five unsuspecting high schoolers. Unleashing supernatural forces upon their town, the group uncovers secrets about their parents, residence, and a plethora of other mysterious happenings. The ultimate race against time begins as they fight to protect their home, family, and friends from evil. While Slappy the Dummy makes an appearance, there are sure to be more surprises in store.


There’s something special about watching the latest shows on Hulu. It is as if you are stepping forward with the whole world. This is also a great occasion to communicate with colleagues or friends. October will give you topics to talk about, and these are just the most prominent TV series. There are also less significant releases that fans may also enjoy. For added convenience and security, consider using a free VeePN to access and stream your favorite shows on Hulu from anywhere.