Suppose you ask any YouTube creator who is actively using the platform and gains from it. In that case, they will confirm that developing authentic, real, and organic views takes time, expertise, and attention.

If you can build an engaged fan base and understand what viewers seek, they will return to your YouTube channel and want to view more videos you post.

Creating YouTube videos about which you are enthusiastic is only the first step. You must understand how to attract the proper audience and have your videos discovered.

In this blog post, I will guide you on how to get more views on YouTube, tips and information, and explain why views are important on the YouTube platform.

Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube

Even though YouTube has over 50 million channels and YouTube users, there is still enormous potential for YouTube creators to establish a loyal audience, generate a large number of views and subscribers, and reach out to the over 1.9 billion individuals who visit the platform every day.

However, keep the following in mind to develop an honest strategy to get more subscribers and view growth.

1-Create Unique YouTube Content

This term may be seen all over the internet. Originality. This is recognized as the fundamental premise of search engines and great methods for video marketing.

Consider ‘what I can add to people that is unique’ while posting videos. Use the video you shot to demonstrate your answer to this question.

It is also important that creating quality content increases the rate of your views on YouTube. Will a person be able to gain that information from your video?

Also, creating attractive YouTube video titles is important because it will make the first impression for a viewer to view your videos.

If you desire loyal followers, your content and title must be high quality. Uniquely creating top-performing videos will get you more views.

2-Learn About YouTube SEO

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Understand YouTube SEO and adhere to the platform’s metrics. This is crucial if you want videos to rank better in results. You should learn your rules if you want your channel to appear at the top of YouTube’s search results.

Like any other search engine, seeks to present its viewers with the most accurate content possible. For your goal of raising views, you need to be familiar with SEO rules.

  • Target keyword analysis is important to see what others have used before posting your next video,
  • Keyword tool is another important technique,
  • Use these relevant keywords in YouTube video descriptions, video titles, and YouTube video tags when promoting your channel.

Remember, it is the largest and most popular social media platform, and the competition is fierce. It is important to learn details about SEO rules and build your channel page according to them.

3-Creating Custom Thumbnails and Playlist

Don’t Forget your custom thumbnails because they are the first attractive elements to leave the first impression on your viewers.

Unique thumbnail images and titles can help your videos attract attention.

Many individuals use YouTube to find videos to watch. Naturally, the viewers focus on the video that picks out their curiosity more.

Consider the following when creating thumbnails:

  • Do your YouTube search for related keywords and related videos. Examine the photos and images used by your competitions.
  • Begin your image search. Of course, there might be thousands of alternatives. Make a list of the best ones.
  • Don’t forget to edit the image after you’ve chosen it. Images with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels are acceptable.

When you create playlists, the number of view rates on your channel will also increase.

A playlist is a collection of regularly themed videos. Playlists are useful for organizing content and directing people to specific videos.

Playlists function effectively since they auto-play and allow viewers to easily skip to them automatically.

Choose a playlist title that appropriately conveys what viewers may expect from the collection of videos.

As a result, the above methods increase the number of YouTube views and subscribers on your YouTube videos.

Always remember that your YouTube homepage is highly personalized to attract viewers.

4-Publish Videos Regularly

One of the most essential factors to boost the number of views of your YouTube channel and videos is posting a new video regularly, which is an important factor in your video strategy.

Determining when your videos are being seen the most is now possible. That way, you can easily design a social media plan.

  • Go to the home page of your channel to get the report.
  • Select the “Analysis” tab from your profile.
  • Create your report by clicking the “Audience” button.
  • You now know when to post a video.

All you have to do is make a fresh video till the day arrives. Examine your plans and think about what you can do. Optimize videos for comments, likes, subscribers and optimize YouTube tags for maximum exposure to your videos.

If you can’t think of anything, you can look at other YouTube channels, suggested videos, video ideas, and topics that have recently become popular.

5-Interaction With Fans on YouTube Community Tab

The most critical aspect of growing views is interaction with subscribers. Because your primary goal is to sustain and grow your following over time.

As a result, don’t forget to respond to all of your fans who leave comments on the video. Do not, in particular, leave those who ask inquiries unanswered. This demonstrates your appreciation for them.

Followers who cannot find solutions to their questions and are ignored will eventually unfollow you. This means that your YouTube video views will decrease.

Give a message to your viewers at the end of the video. You can call to action something like:

”If you find my video useful and enjoyable, please subscribe to my channel and enable notifications. Remember to share it on your social media networks as well.”

To put it another way, people will follow content creators who respond to comments so don’t expect followers to be loyal at this point if you don’t have quality stuff.

Nobody follows someone who they do not believe will benefit them.

6-Promote Your YouTube Videos On Other Social Media Channels

Another great technique to get more views is sharing your content on your other social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, Threads etc. This is an effective way to reach more views of your content on YouTube.

Promoting your YouTube channel by building a website is another strategy to to get more views on your channel. You can introduce your channel to your website visitors, create videos and upload them on your website.

Using related keywords and tags is the simplest way to get your content in front of your target viewers. To improve the reach of your video, use them in both the title and the video description. Another thing that can increase your reach is cross-promoting the videos. Cross-promoting is when you share content on several social media accounts.

If your content brings more views whether on your own channel homepage or elsewhere on the web, you will be promoted in YouTube search results more.

Also, your content gets more visibility through YouTube ads. It is one of the besy ways to attract right viewers.


I have piled some frequently asked questions that listed below:

Why views are important on YouTube?

Views are significant since they have an impact on YouTube’s algorithm.

If your video has more views, the algorithm will show it to more people. Views are also a component of how to generate money, and we all want to see a return on investment and increasing revenue.

Views are especially important because they help to increase brand awareness and affinity.

It may take some time to reach your desired readership, but in the long run, you’ll need to interact with top-of-funnel prospects to help you realize your goals.

What are the other ways to boost views on YouTube?

Another perfect solution to boost your view rate on YouTube is to get help from social media marketing providers.

One of the great websites for that is Views4You where you can buy real views, subscribers and followers that YouTube algorithm will not detect. In just a few clicks you can enhance your channel’s view rate with this amazing website.

Why aren’t my YouTube videos receiving views?

It is recommended to determine the optimal duration for your target audience and specialized content. If your channel is mostly made up of long videos, think about ways to shorten them or integrate shorter content.

What Video Content Attracts More Viewers

-How To Video

-Live stream videos


-Product unboxing

-Makeup and beauty videos

-Music videos

..are some of other videos that attract more views on YouTube.