Brooklyn, New York’s The Living Strange is an alternative-rock band that’s the brainchild of Elijah Sokolow. He is the sole songwriter of the project, and is responsible for recording all of the instruments in studio, except for the drums which are dun by Ben Shafir. What initially started out during high school in Los Angeles back in 2014, the Living Ends has found a new home in Brooklyn.

Last month, the band announced that their new album, GUNK, will be released on August 17th and released a new song called “New Pet.” Today, a day ahead of its release, we are excited to premiere a new song called “Wax Museum.” The song serves as a perfect combination of grunge and garage rock, and can be found below.

This upcoming album marks the first professionally recorded full length release from The Living Strange. The topics of the songs range from relationships to cultural critiques, as well as coping with a loved one’s self-destruction. Each song is a different angle of the band’s playful philosophy – to embrace ones inner freak and marvel at the bizarre circumstances that we all share. This message is most prevalent in the somewhat surrealist lyrical content. The making of this album was sentimental because it was recorded down the street from the garage that The Living Strange started in. Since those days hammering out riffs in the garage, the band has grown into something much bigger and this record is the latest milestone to show that.

living strange gunk

  1. New Pet
  2. Stumble
  3. What It Seems
  4. Losing It
  5. Shadow
  6. Skyline
  7. Mannequin
  8. If You Go
  9. Position
  10. Wax Museum