One of the key goals of music is to inspire movement. This can mean emotional movement, as we all have favorite tracks that can inspire anything from tears to jubilation from the first notes. It can also mean tangible, physical movement. Whether it’s in a pit, at a club, or in the comfort of our own homes, music can inspire us to jump around, wave our arms, and bust out moves that will be the talk of the town for weeks. If a song is really good at it, you don’t even have to think about moving with it, it’s just something that happens. We’re premiering the music video for just that kind of track this morning. I give you the live music video for Fake Shark‘s new single “Feel Alive.”

A song that inspires movement needs a good hook, and “Feel Alive” is built on one of the best hooks of 2018. Louis Wu does the work of the musical gods here, with a funky little progression that only gets better as he slides up the fretboard and raises the pitch of it. Tony Dallas makes the bass sing in ways that you can feel in your gut, and everything comes together for a throwback dance track that just works. Of course any good track like “Feel Alive” needs great vocals, and frontman Kevvy delivers in spades. His falsetto will be replaying in your head for hours after you listen to “Feel Alive,” and the harmonies the group provides below Kevvy’s stellar melody are perfection.

The music video for “Feel Alive” will make you want to dance, as well. The members of Fake Shark are packed together with some cool neon lights behind them, and you can tell the cohesiveness and closeness fuels them. The video is shot from tight angles, capturing each shimmy and shake as the band fully gets into the music. Again, Kevvy stands out here, with an unrivaled level of energy in his performance. Besides turning in an impressive display, Fake Shark just look like they’re having so much fun.

Asked about the track, Kevvy said “‘Feel Alive’ is a song about trying to express to someone that you’re worth getting to know, so in an essence it’s about talking about the moment instead of being in it, it’s emotional hypocrisy. Louise Burns sings backing vocals on it, and it’s the first collaboration since I produced her debut album Mellow Drama.”

You can watch the video for “Feel Alive” below. You might want to clear the area of anything you could knock over first, you’re going to want to move while you watch.