Holbrook, New York’s Scared20 is a band that, for a while, struggled to set their lineup in stone. In 2017, after a few attempts of failing to put the perfect lineup together, vocalist Andrew Arifakis (guitarist/vocalist) asked Justin Daly (drummer), who was a longtime friend, to join and make a formidable duo.

In that same year, Scared20 released their debut EP, More Punk Than Pop, and quickly made a splash in the New York music scene with the single/music video, “Runaway Song.” The EP showed the band’s brand of upbeat riffs and drum works, sprinkled in with catchy sing-a-long lyrics that only fueled the hype behind the band.

That hype continues to grow for Scared20, as their last single, “To the New Kids” dropped this past December and today, Substream is teaming up with the band to premiere the follow up: “Leave It Untitled.”

“Leave It Untitled is about any vicious cycle you might find yourself, or someone else in for that matter,” Scared20 tells Substream. “It started off as a song about the bullied kid becoming the bully, but it quickly turned into a song that could describe any scenario in which you become what you were trying to avoid in the first place”

Listen to the new single via our stream below.

Upcoming shows:

FEB 15 Now That’s What I Call Poppunk @ Rusty Nail- Ardmore, PA

MAR 7 – The Depot Baltimore Baltimore, MD