In a world filled with music videos that amount to little more than a well-edited performance it’s good to know there are still artists striving to be a bit more creative in their promotional material. Take Texas based duo Nite, for example. Their new video for “I Long 4 U” weaves a tale of romance, loneliness, and isolation around a performance piece in such a way as to play like a movie for viewers. You can view the Jordan Smith directed video for “I Long 4 U” above.

Not to oversell our own site, but we do receive numerous offers for premieres on a weekly basis. The large majority we ultimately pass on, but this video from Nite was something everyone on staff felt we needed to host. There is a beauty to the sorrow captured on both the song and its video that makes us instantly want to know more about the young men who created it. Furthermore, it helps us feel just a bit less alone in this crazy world.

When asked about the song and its new video, Myles Mendes told us:

“I Long 4 U” was the last song written for our album, Reborn. I wrote it when I was in a dark state of mind. I was feeling isolated from the people around me and hoping for a human connection to battle feelings of loneliness and emptiness. There’s a bit of hopefulness that many people out there might feel the same way, but there’s also a bit of despair that we might close ourselves off from the world and miss each other entirely.

The New Division is a band whom Kyle and I listened to avidly during our musically formative days. It was cool watching the band grow and evolve since their conception and finally meeting the guys in person, touring with them 2 years ago in Texas. I’m humbled to say they’ve now remixed a song of ours.”

In addition to the new video, Nite has also debuted a remix of “I Long 4 U” by The New Division. Listen now on Spotify.

Nite’s most recent album, Reborn, is available now on Cleopatra Records. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video for “I Long 4 U”.