Rock music is seemingly at a place where it’s starting to take itself too seriously. Everybody wants to be the artist that brings “real music with real instruments” back into the mainstream. They all want to be the band that gets praised as heroes of the genre. Everyone Is Dirty exists at the polar opposite of that mindset. The walking embodiment of modern New Wave, Everyone Is Dirty embrace the weirdness and blatant love for all things over the top that stem from the parts of rock music that made it fun in the first place.

Their new album, My Neon’s Dead is full of zany and seemingly nonsensical moments that stem from a truly traumatic place in vocalist and violinist Sivan Lioncub’s life. 2015 saw Lioncub hospitalized after having an allergic reaction to penicillin, and they describe these songs as “the soundtrack to my toxic morphine haze.” The songs are a complete contrast to the experience they stem from. Bright and bombastic music guides you through a universe that could have only been created as a result of internal chemical warfare. Singles like “Mermaid” truly capture the essence of what My Neon’s Dead is all about. “Mermaid” starts with a beautiful 80’s pop sort of twinkle and layered vocals before erupting into vocals full of signature quirk that deliver the hook “Where you from girl/Space Alien/You’re a mermaid.”

The album pulls influence from acts ranging from The B-52’s to The Dresden Dolls. By fusing that with their already signature high-energy bits of anxious shred and Lioncub’s electric violin, they’ve managed to create a sound that feels familiar but undeniably unique to Everyone Is Dirty. Knowing the tumultuous mindset that went into writing the album, My Neon’s Dead finds a lot of its cohesion in the moments that feel a little disjointed. For instance, the song “Lady Liberty” is very much a bitter and scathing grunge track that exists on the opposite end of the spectrum that “Mermaid” introduced to listeners.

I feel its only appropriate that for my next sentence, you imagine me in a full-on steampunk get up — goggles on the brim of a top hat and everything. I could not be more excited to be the person in charge of sharing this record with y’all before it’s released later this week. My Neon’s Dead sees that Everyone Is Dirty invites listeners into their headspace in a way that feels just as genuine as it does over the top. It’s an incredible journey from start to finish — and it’s perfect because it’s the kind of blistering and chaotic rock record that comes from an act knowing not to take itself too seriously.

You can listen to My Neon’s Dead below.

My Neon’s Dead will be released digitally and on vinyl on September 28th through OIM Records. Pre-orders for the album are available here. Catch Everyone Is Dirty on tour starting September 28th.

Album Release Show
9/28 Album Release at Sea Witch Fest, Rickshaw Stop, SF (w/ Death Valley Girls, Terry Malts, Young Elders)

Upcoming Tour Dates
10/6 Bart Lounge, Cathedral City, CA
10/7 Bar Passe, Tucson, AZ (w/ Exbats & Resonars)
10/8 The Quarry, Bisbee AZ
10/12 Hole In The Wall, Austin, TX
10/13 Axelrad, Houston, TX
10/14 Armoury DE, Dallas, TX (w/ Dead Mockingbirds)
10/18 Sister Bar, Albuquerque (w/ LA WITCH)
10/19 Neurolux, Boise ID (w/ WAND & DARTO)
10/21 Victory Lounge, Seattle WA
11/2 National Hotel, Nevada City (w/ Park St. Riot, Cave Clove) FB:
11/3-11/4 Off Beat Fest, Reno NV
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