Take 5 has been a tradition here at Substream for an incredibly long time. While it has been missing for a little bit of time (most recently running in December as a special Holiday Five edition). However, during all of the strange and uncertain things going on around us in the world — most of us are quarantined inside our homes — there’s no better time than now to bring back the Take 5 feature.

For now, this feature will run more than once a week, as we have a lot of great guest contributors lined up. Much like December’s Holiday 5, this will be a special variant with guest contributors — except this time, they’re sharing…well, sorta whatever. It could be a list of activities they’re doing to pass the time during this odd period of time, maybe a list of books they’re reading, shows they’re binging, or whatever it might be that interests them.

Starting off this feature, comes a guest list from Sean Dalke of Half Hearted, as he shares his list of movies/shows he has been binging lately.

Good Girls: It’s like watching your mom and her friends turn into professional counterfeiters. Every time you think they’ve gotten themselves out and are in the clear, they double down.

911: It’s about a 911 operator and a team of first responders responding to seriously interesting emergencies. No episode is exactly the same, and it’s action-packed.

The Good Doctor: Dr. Shawn Murphy is an autistic surgeon who excels at medicine, but struggles with socializing. He has to deal with patients and other doctors being skeptical of him, until he proves them wrong. Definitely a show that will warm your heart!

The Resident: There are a lot of cool/rare medical cases, but there’s an underlying theme of corruption in the hospital. One resident, Conrad Hawkins, is fighting the injustice of corporate medicine while basically solving cases like Dr. House. This is one of the few shows that’s actually made me cry. Specifically this one episode where a mother died while giving birth and the father had to make the decision to lose his wife to save his child. With me being a new father, this really hit home.

For Life: Based on a true story about Isaac Wright Jr., this show is seriously frustrating to watch because Isaac is wrongly convicted of a crime that he didn’t commit and is spending life in prison. While in prison, he passes the bar exam and becomes a lawyer. The warden lets him practice law in hopes that he will clear his name and help other wrongly convicted inmates to clear their names as well.