One of the most exciting parts of attending a music festival is discovering new artists. Sometimes these new discoveries are artists from a new genre and sometimes they’re artists who are climbing the charts. This weekend’s Billboard Hot 100 Festival in Wantagh, New York featured something for everyone, and fans of pop music looking for something honest and real were able to find that in Bea Miller.
At only 18 years old, Bea Miller is part of a new generation of young artists poised to make pop music with substance. She took the main Hot 100 Stage following a 90s cover act, Saved By The 90s with The Bayside Tigers, and immediately impressed with her vocal prowess. Often a live performance is marred when an artist can’t hold a tune, yet from the first song, “Song Like You”, Miller hit every note, and held each with power.
It’s one thing to open yourself up to fans in a song, and another entirely to bear it all out on stage. When it came time to perform the piano-driven “I Can’t Breathe”, she got off the stage to be as close as possible to her fans, who crowded around for an up close performance. Fans will be quick to note that this personal connection extends to Miller’s online presence: she has a way of keeping it real about the ups and downs of life on Twitter.
Bea Miller’s set at Billboard Hot 100 Festival centered around songs from her two recently released EPs, Chapter One: Blue and Chapter Two: Red. A followup third EP, Chapter Three: Yellow, is expected to be released this fall, followed by a new album. To keep up to date on new music and all things Bea Miller, be sure to check out her official website.