It’s all fun and games when amazing new duo Naeleck and Hige Driver are around. Originally released last January, Today the new dynamic duo unveils the visual to the new hit, “Virtual Gaming.”

The new video is a multi-player gaming-centric party that allows you to take control of your perferred characters. Things go from fun to must-see in the unforgettable new visual. “Virtual Gaming” is ahead of its time with it’s futuristic vibe and another big break for the newly formed duo.

The new single originates from the two’s stars bond and infatuation with video games. Hige Driver is a well-known gamer who has developed multiple gaming soundtracks. The chart-topping Naeleck has amassed a catalog of hits blending various elements of Hardstyle, Bass and Electronic. “Virtual Gaming” is only but the latest of great work from the electrifying chemistry between Naeleck and Hige Driver.

“Wanted to write something with old school Game Boy melodies, like Castlevania, and hard-hitting basses,” Naeleck explains. “That’s kind of a marriage of both my hobbies and I also used the occasion to shoot my first ever music video. Still a work in progress but should be done by the end of the month and I’m really excited about it!.”

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Watch “Virtual Gaming” below.