Pop provocateur Gia Woods has delivered a brand new visual experience for us all to fawn over. With her new single “Ego,” Woods puts her sultry vocals on display for an effortlessly cool delivery. The breathy yet controlled articulation of her words creates the perfect vessel for lyrics that paint the portrait of two strong egos coming to a head, resulting in constant struggle for control. Highlighted by emerald jewel tones, the video sees Woods fixate over her own reflection in an Alice and Wonderland-esque fantasy world. The exploration of toxicity within the track also highlights a running theme of Woods’ upcoming EP, Cut Season.
“I wrote “Ego” about a past relationship. It felt like a never ending cycle of ego trips and with that comes a lot of power struggles and pettiness. When two people have big egos, there’s almost never a solution. You’re just in a constant state of fighting and ignoring the obvious,” says Woods. “For my EP “Cut Season” I wanted to dive into all the toxic people I felt I was surrounded by and emotional patterns I noticed in other people and even in myself. These were reasons to cut them out one by one.”
Watch the video for “Ego”: